Metal Roof Repair & Maintenance: What You Need To Know


There are many different types of roofs out there, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that metal roofing has become more popular in recent years. While it often comes in the form of sheets that are treated to look like other material (there aren’t many plans where plain metal sheeting is considered a good looking house), the metal or corrugated metal works to protect the house while staying in extremely good shape often for decades with very little maintenance needed.

Material Corrosion

Metal Roof CorosionThe materials will generally be a lightweight form of steel. Some people like the design of corrugated steel, while others might go for something a little different.

Metal roofing can be painted, and if you’re not getting treated metal that is designed to look like another material then it’s actually recommended to get a base and then paint. The biggest concern is scratching or damaging some of the coating, which could then result in a weak spot where rust and corrosion can take hold.

Professional or DIY?

While it is fully possible to handle a metal roofing job by yourself if you are a strong handyman, metal roofs can be a little tricky because every small bit of scratch or damage can cause some serious issues that cancel out one of the best benefits of metal roofing: its incredible durability.

If you have had experience with installing metal roofs before or roofing in general, chances are you can do the job yourself if you choose to go in that direction.
However, many people simply go with hiring a professional. Walking over joints and purlins is critical to avoid damaging the roofing. If that doesn’t make sense to you, you probably need to go with a professional to make sure the job is done right.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

The benefits of metal roofing are hard to ignore.

Generally speaking metal roofing options are extremely affordable.They hold up to bad weather and can easily be sealed.

Maintenance is relatively minimal and as long as even that basic maintenance and inspection is taken care of, it should be two decades or more before any major touch up work needs to be done.
In addition to this, metal roofing can look good. Even if you call a professional for all inspections and basic maintenance, they are easy to maintain.

If an extremely harsh storm or accident happens and there is some serious roof damage, those repairs won’t cost an arm and a leg. Keeping up that maintenance isn’t a major issue and that makes life much easier on the budget.

Maintenance Tips

Basic inspection means simply checking every few months to make sure you don’t see any rust, any signs of leaks on the side, anything out of the ordinary. When properly taken care of in most cases it takes over two decades for serious signs of degrading or roof maintenance needs to show, but that also results from finding small issues along the way.

In Conclusion

Metal roofing offers a wide array of great options and should be considered by homeowners in all types of locations to give them the best balance of an affordable roof that takes care of your home in even the most challenging of weather.